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Well, it’s that time of the year again, next week I’ll be flying to my beloved Ibiza.

Being an Internet/IT junkie, I don’t exactly “disconnect”; actually I like to read / dig / test some new topics while on holidays (and while I’m not at the beach / clubbing / sunbathing). So every year I go through a particular “checklist” in order to be sure I can connect to the Internet no matter what, here’s the list as of now:

  • A dual-Atheros-based OpenWrt access point
  • Serial cable in case of AP bricking ;)
  • A power strip
  • One directionnal antenna
  • One omnidirectonnal antenna
  • A 10m ethernet cable
  • SDcard USB adapter
  • A UNIX based laptop
  • OpenVPN
  • aircrack-ng (you know, for… things)
  • wireshark
  • tshark
  • ettercap
  • metasploit (for research purposes only)
  • OpenSSH public key deployed on every machine I’d like to ssh to
  • A fallback SSH server with password access (strong one)

Any idea that comes to mind? :)

2 Responses to “Holidays (IT)checklist”

  1. anhj Says:

    A swimsuit, a good book and some sunscreen, in case everything else fails? :D

  2. iMil Says:

    @anhj those I’ve already have :)

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