Markdown everywhere

So last week I had that massive presentation to do and was already depressed to click on the Impress icon. So I took a couple of hours to dig into those various HTML5-enabled presentation systems and came across reveal.js. An impressive piece of software that somewhat changed my life forever: Never more am I to fight with misplaced bullets and erroneous indentation, reveal.js permits to create your slides using markdown. Yes, reveal.js is that cool. Using the external markdown capability, I simply edit a .md file which is rendered by the js engine. As I still (and probably for long) use ISO-8859-15 as my main charset, I also pushed a patch to the author which permits to specify included file charset (I learned that AJAX queries use UTF-8 by default).

So while at it, I’ve enabled this very blog with markdown capabilities too, this blog post is actually using that syntax thanks to WP-Markdown. Comments and posts are now markdown enabled, enjoy!