Cash monitoring

I’m kind of back in the mining arena. Like everyone else nowadays, I’m mining Ethereum with a couple of R9 290 & 290X graphic cards I bought second-hand.
So far everything works as intended, but as a proper control freak, I need to know what’s happening in real-time, what’s my firepower, how’s the mining doing etc…
Like many, I use a mining pool, ethermine to be precise, and those guys had the good taste of exposing a JSON API.
Using collectd-python capabilities, I was able to write a short python script that feeds:

  • current hashrate
  • USD per minute
  • unpaid Ethereums on the pool

to an InfluxDB database, which in turn, is queried by a grafana server in order to provide this kind of graphs:

ETH on grafana

The script itself is available as a GitHub gist, feel free to use and modify it.