Migrating from Hexo to Hugo

Brand new iMil.net!

I’ve wanted to switch from hexo to hugo for quite a long time for various reasons, one of them being I love golang and, well, let’s just say I don’t like javascript / node much. Also, hugo documentation is pretty well done, its author is a well known figure in the golang community, and last but not least, I find the overall workflow more simple and consistent.

I delayed the migration because I wrongly thought articles front-matter modifications would be painful, but it turns out it was pretty much straightforward:



for f in ${hexodir}/source/_posts/*.md
    d=$(sed -n -E 's/date:\ ([0-9]{4}).*/\1/p' $f)
    mkdir -p ${pdir}
    pname="${pdir}/$(basename $f)"
    echo "---" > ${pname}
    egrep -v '\[tags\].+\[/tags\]' $f > ${pname}

Basically, the only thing really missing is the heading --- separator. While at it, I also organized the posts by year. The last egrep -v is here to remove tags I had from a previous migration from Wordpress to hexo, you’ll probably won’t need it.

I later realized that the layout key, used by hexo to give a specific layout to a post was used differently in hugo, so you might also want to change it to something like categories:

$ find hugo/content/posts/ -exec sed -i.bak -E 's/^layout:\ (.+)/categories: [\1]/' {} \;

And that’s pretty much it, I actually spent much more time working on the theme than migrating :) Hope you like it!