Testing GPG Keys With Docker... and fail

As a password-store user, GPG is particularly important and sensitive, I use it for pretty much everything authentication / encryption related. Also, about a year ago I got myself a pair of Yubikeys, and they are now involved in all of the mentioned workflows. Now on the topic, as my keys are a crucial part of my online life, I wanted to make sure I had those backuped safely, and moreover, that this backup is usable in an empty environment by simply importing the public and private keys.

From GitLab CI to Docker Hub

With all the noise around those topics I would have imagined this one had been covered thousands of time, yet I did not find a single complete resource on this subject which I found to be a basic building block: pushing docker images from GitLab CI to the Docker Hub registry. There’s actually an opened issue on Docker GitHub’s that’s sitting there for 3 years, and it really feels more like a political / strategic / commercial issue than a technical one.

Run CoreOS on FreeBSD's bhyve

No, I’m not following the hype, only I like to test things plus I feel there will be a growing demand for docker at ${DAYWORK}. I read here and there that CoreOS was the Linux distribution of choice to play with docker, so while at it, I picked up this one to dive into the container world. Finally, I’ve been willing to put my hands on bhyve for quite a while, so I took this opportunity to learn all those new (to me) technologies at once.