Ffmpeg Quick Stream Command Line

Again from the stop-trying-to-use every-flag-available department. This makes me think about this Percona engineer who once told me and my team “people keep tuning MySQL with tons of configuration options when really 10 parameters define 90% of the performance”. For some reason, I was somewhere where I needed to stream my webcam quickly to a remote machine on my home network through a VPN in order to record the current place.

Webcam streaming with ffmpeg

I’m a bit of a stressed person, and when I’m not home, I like to have a webcam streaming what’s going on, mainly to see how my dog is doing. At my main house, I use the fabulous motion project, which has a ton of cool features like recording images and videos when there’s movement, playing a sound, handling many cameras and so on. As I said before, I acquired an apartment destined for rental, and it has really poor Internet access, as it is located on the mountainside, only weak ADSL was possible to get.