Testing GPG Keys With Docker... and fail

As a password-store user, GPG is particularly important and sensitive, I use it for pretty much everything authentication / encryption related. Also, about a year ago I got myself a pair of Yubikeys, and they are now involved in all of the mentioned workflows. Now on the topic, as my keys are a crucial part of my online life, I wanted to make sure I had those backuped safely, and moreover, that this backup is usable in an empty environment by simply importing the public and private keys.

multipart/encrypted et alpine

J’utilise Alpine comme client mail depuis hmmm… 15 ans je pense. J’aime bien Alpine. Oh pitié, épargnez-moi le couplet sur sa license, et renseignez-vous avant de balancer du FUD. J’utilise Alpine donc. Je suis, vous vous en doutez, très satisfait de ce logiciel d’une stabilité à toute épreuve qui gère mes boites mail fournies de centaines de milliers de mails (1997 - 2012) comme si elles en contenaient 12. Mais Alpine souffre d’un problème millénaire: sa -non- gestion des RFC 2015/3156 i.