(not-so) new website!

If you’re used to this website you might have noticed the layout has somewhat changed. Actually the engine itself has changed, is no more powered by wordpress, instead I switched to a static website generator called hexo. While it can be tricky sometimes, the tool is nicely organized and easy to handle. On the service side, this web site defaults to HTTPS and is natively IPv6 ready, it is served by an nginx server contained in a sailor ship.

Hmmm... upgrades

And voila! has now migrated to a brand new (well, actually recycled) server, which is incidentally hosted by myself, in my company’s server room. What are the news? on the architecture side, nothing revolutionary, my good old setup composed of a Debian (squeeze, yeah I don’t like to play) GNU/Linux dom0, which hosts various NetBSD 6.0/amd64 domUs (now SMP!). Main news is the activation of naxsi, the Web Application Firewall on the nginx reverse proxy.