Fetch RSVPs from Meetup for further processing

I’m running a couple of demos on how and why to use AWS Athena on a Meetup event tonight here at my hometown of Valencia. Before you start arguing about AWS services being closed source, note that Athena is “just” an hosted version of Apache Hive. Like pretty much every AWS service is a hosted version of a famous FOSS project. One of the demos is about fetching the RSVP list and process it from a JSON source to a basic \t separated text file to be further read by Athena.

aws cli and jq filtering

Long time no see huh? ;) I’m diving into Amazon Web Services for some months now, and I must say I’m pretty impressed by the overall quality. Compared to the other “clouds” I’ve played with, it’s the most mature and comprehensive by far. While writing a couple of tools to make my life easier, there’s one piece that took me longer: filtering the output of the aws ec2 describe-instances command. The output is in JSON, which is quite nice you might say, and it is, but when it comes to interact with JSON in the command line, things can get a little messy.