Cleaner micro Kubernetes on OSX

While my main workstation is a Linux Mint machine, I occasionally use my OSX ${WORK} laptop for traveling and composing. I’m not really fond of the OS, but at least it’s an UNIX-like, and pkgin runs well with it ;) When I’m “on the go”, I like to try things and play along with technologies I’m currently obsessed with, among them Kubernetes. On OSX, the natural choice is to go with minikube, it’s kind of integrated and does the job well, but if you tried it already and also happen to run docker for OSX you might have found yourself struggling with versions and consistency between the two.

Kubernetes under my desk

I’m diving into Kubernetes for a couple of months now. Discovering the possibilities and philosophy behind the hype definitely changed my mind. Yes, it is huge (in every sense ;) ) and it does change the way we, ex-sysops / ops / syasdmins do our work. Not tomorrow, not soon, now. I’ve had my hands on various managed kubernetes clusters like GKE (Google Container Engine), EKS (AWS Elastic Container Service) or the more humble minikube but I’m not happy when I don’t understand what a technology is made of.