Let's Encrypt certificates using LEGO

This post is more like a self-reminder on how I setup automatic SSL/TLS certificate renewal on my servers. I chose LEGO to handle my certificates renewal with Let’s Encrypt because it’s simple to use, has no dependency, great documentation and is worked on at a constant pace. I found this and this articles very useful, but they are outdated in their use of the tls and http parameters. So here are my notes.

Letsencrypt friendly nginx configuration

So I use this great cheat sheet in order to use letsencrypt free Certificate authority on my own servers, but while this small doc is very straightforward it doesn’t explain much about nginx’s configuration. So I’ll drop my own right here so your journey through TLS is even simpler: $ cat /usr/pkg/etc/nginx/nginx.conf # this nginx installation comes from pkgsrc for both Linux and NetBSD # you might have to adapt paths to suit your needs.