Rofi Window Switcher With XFCE (updated, now with icons)

This bug forbids rofi window mode to give focus to a selected window when click to focus is disabled in XFCE. Using the same trick the first commenter used, I came up with this script which uses wmctrl to handle windows listing, selection and focus: #!/bin/sh clicktofocus="xfconf-query -c xfwm4 -p /general/click_to_focus -s " $clicktofocus true w=$(wmctrl -l|awk '{$1=$2=$3=""; sub(/^[ \t]+/, ""); print $0}' | \ rofi -dmenu -i -p "Window Switcher") wmctrl -a "$w" $clicktofocus false Not the prettiest method but it emulates rofi -show window pretty well.