SaltStack: dynamic sls (updated for 0.15.3)

I’ve been learning and diving into SaltStack for about a month now, for both work and personal interest, that thing simply rocks. In the meantime, I’ve contributed a couple of modules, like bridging and Xen support, plus a couple of grains improvements for NetBSD. But most of all, I’ve been preparing my ${DAYJOB} infrastructure for Salt, and I must say this has been much easier than I thought, thanks to this beautifully designed piece of code.

NetBSD configuration management

I’ve been obsessed with SaltStack for over a week. This infrastructure management suite is exactly what I needed for both my personal and professional servers: simple but modular, written in python, not depending on a thousand unnecessary complex messaging stacks as it bundles zeromq, capable of both orchestration and configuration management, all this through comprehensive, well documented API and commands. Only drawback was it had poor NetBSD support. Was :)