Webcam streaming with ffmpeg

I’m a bit of a stressed person, and when I’m not home, I like to have a webcam streaming what’s going on, mainly to see how my dog is doing. At my main house, I use the fabulous motion project, which has a ton of cool features like recording images and videos when there’s movement, playing a sound, handling many cameras and so on. As I said before, I acquired an apartment destined for rental, and it has really poor Internet access, as it is located on the mountainside, only weak ADSL was possible to get.

date over HTTP

I always manage to get myself into weird issues… I have this (pretty old) wrt54g router that works well with dd-wrt v3.0-r34311 vpn release. This router is installed in an apartment intended for rental where I happen to crash every now and then. It connects to an OpenVPN hub of mine so I can monit it and be sure guests renting the apartment have working Internet access. The apartment is located on a small mountain and electricity is not exactly stable, from times to times power goes down and comes back up.