pkgtools/pkgin, quick fix

Damn I love pkgsrc. Let me tell you this story as an example…

A while ago, a couple of pkgin users told me it was a shame that /usr/pkg/etc/pkgin/repositories.conf was still pointing to a 5.0 URL when pkgin is freshly installed. Thing is, pkgin does support the $osrelease variable, but on NetBSD, the result of kern.osrelease can be 6.0_SOMETHING, which would lead to:

and this does dot exists on the repository.

So in the REPOSITORIES file, which is used to generate the right repositories.conf entry, I added that line:

And wrote the following trick in pkgtools/pkgin's Makefile:

The SUBST framework, part of pkgsrc, will then use (a portable) sed to replace @OSREL@ with the variable ${OS_VERSION}, which is defined in mk/ (included in the Makefile), but will erase anything like the regexp “_.*". This magic is done by the :C modifier, which behaves like the :S modifier but is capable of replacing regexps instead of simple strings.

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