NetBSD/amd64 7.0 on kvm

If you recently tried to install NetBSD 7.0 using Linux KVM you might have encountered the following failure:

This bug have been recently fixed on the 7-branch but the official ISO images are not yet updated, so you’ll have to use NetBSD daily builds mini-ISO which includes Christos fix to bus_dma.c

For the record, here’s the virt-install command I use:

sudo virt-install
    --virt-type kvm
    --name korriban
    --ram 4096 --disk path=/dev/vms/korriban,bus=virtio
    --vcpus 2
    --network bridge:br0,model=virtio
    --graphics vnc
    --cdrom /home/imil/iso/boot.iso
    --cpu host

Performances are really good, the host is a Debian GNU/Linux 8.0 amd64 running on Online’s Dedibox Classic 2015.